Reap & Sew x Sharks & Hammers

•March 25, 2011 • Leave a Comment

We’re proud to present our first official t-shirt collaboration with our good friends over at Sharks & Hammers in Vancity. We all know Rhek is one of the top graphic designers in the industry, and we’ve been carrying their brand in our store since its inception. Oddly enough, we had come up with the “Down With O.T.T.” shirt before we saw his version, and figured we had to come together to do it properly. The other design is something Sharks & Hammers has had in their store for a while, and has been a huge hit. We switched it up to the Ottawa Street names that stick out in our head, and put our own little spin on it. Big ups to Rhek and the whole Sharks & Hammers fam for all their hard work. Check out their website, or if youre in Vancouver head on down!

Sharks & Hammers Website

Both t’s available in Black & White, or sold as a pack with the coffee mug. Ottawa this is your flag! Wear it proud!


18 Waits Spring/Summer 2011

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1 look at the 18 Waits Spring/Summer line for this year and you’ll notice why they’re quickly becoming everybody’s favourite brand in the store. Great quality, subtle details, an improved fit from previous seasons, as well as a lot of versatility in the designs makes for some truly great pieces. The Chinos, which are the hot item of the store right now, are really something else. They can be worn rolled up or extended, cool or casual, which also goes for all the long sleeve dress shirts in the line as well.

We’re expecting big things from these guys in the future, and happy to be carrying them at the store!

Raw Footage (Dir by Tom N.)

•February 11, 2011 • 1 Comment

Our good friend Tom N. decided to shoot a raw little video for our raw little boutique last time he came through town! Some nice shots of of the shop, the dog, and the store clerk/model-for-hire Mikey!

Big Shouts to Tom for taking the time to do this.

8mm Vintage Video

•January 24, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Heres a little video i shot just for fun, exclusively using my iphone. Used the 8mm App to get that grainy old film quality, linked it up with some Flying Lotus = its a wrap.

Expect to see some real videos from the store over the next couple of weeks.

WInter Clearance Sale

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Well its that time of year folks. The time you customers love the most – BIG sale time! haha. Heres a little rundown on whats going down.


3Sixteen Outerwear & Accessories

•December 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

From the conception of our store we really wanted to carry 3Sixteen, and we still get excited when we get new orders in the mail today. This season they really focused on outerwear and accessories and the jackets came out amazing. Everythings really clean, and really functional. Totally wearable pieces. Its also really hard to find great accessories for men, so kudos to them for bringing some fresh stuff to the table.

Here’s some pics lifted from their website…

3Sixteen Website / Shop

Protect Ya Neck Scarves!

•December 14, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Another goody from our friends over at Sharks & Hammers arrived in the mail today – just in time to add to anybodies Christmas list. A must have plain and simple piece for this lovely weather we’ve been hit with. Protect Ya Neck scarf available in true Wu Tang colours (Black & Yellow Black & Yellow Black & Yellow….) which will leave you inconspicuous. Just like the pic below! hahahaha.

Come through the store and pick check them out – great as a small gift for someone.