Reigning Champ FW ’09 Shipment 1



Excited to finally get in Reigning Champ to the store last week. One of our favorite brands, hailing from beautiful Vancouver these guys make seriously well made garments. Originally gaining recognition for manufacturing pieces for Supreme, Huf and Alife, you can instantly acknowledge the manufacturing when trying it on. We’ve got Scarves, Tuques, Beenies, Heavyweight Fleeces (Zip-Up and Pullover), T-Shirts, and more.

Read more about it below

Hypebeast Preview

HIgh Snobiety Preview




~ by reapandsew on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “Reigning Champ FW ’09 Shipment 1”

  1. Love your blog! I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. I stopped in to check out your store as I help write a newsletter for the Rideau BIA and we wanted to find out more about you guys as you’re a new business in the area. I really like that you make your own clothing, and the quality is excellent too. I meant to ask if you have an upstairs section too, or is it just the ground floor?

    I enjoyed meeting your greeter at the door as well, what a little charmer!

    Thanks again and I’ll definitely be letting my male friends know about your awesome store.


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