Reap & Sew Clothing

Reap & Sew is a specialty boutique that surpasses fulfilling a demand for contemporary menswear, here in the nation’s capital.  The refreshingly unique clothing boutique holds a focus on timeless pieces and their classic sensibilities.  Reap & Sew intends to deliver far more than just an imaginative brand, but also a burst of independent spirit through fashion – hence the connotations of its name.

The concept was conceived over time by three childhood friends – Graeme Bradley, Mike Mikkelsen and Ian Lloyd.  The three have spent their lives immersed in acts of what have grown to be the greatest inspiration for the line:  music, design, art, environmental concern and social consciousness.  In order to represent these expressions properly, the three creators share their top priority, which is to house the very best quality.

The store itself, located at 401 Dalhousie St. in Ottawa’s downtown core, features a minimalist and modern design, succeeding in streamlining one’s focus toward its apparel and accessories.  Rich woods, dark lighting and glass countertops properly present Reap & Sew’s simple and illuminating displays.  The product lies in an
environment as fresh as its own design.

Reap & Sew shares its presentation with a handful of brands whose concept is equally cutting edge, greatly attentive to detail and to delivering classic designs.  Derived from all corners of the world, the brand insists upon revealing a global perspective on fashion – respecting the interconnectedness between currency in cultures and trends.


~ by reapandsew on April 29, 2009.

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