New Web Site/Store

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We finally launched our new store! This will be the place for all things Reap & Sew from now on, including our new blog.

Reap & Sew Web Page


2 Year Anniversary Sale + Party !!!!!!

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Well this weekend kicks off a huge celebration for us!!!

2 Years have come and gone, and we want to thank you so much for coming along on this ride with us. The store has obviously undergone changes in the last 2 years, and sits in a place we’re all completely ecstatic about right now. The only constant in this whole thing so far has been the fact that you’ve been there by us the whole time! We really appreciate that!

To show our appreciation we’re going start it off with a huge in-store sale where EVERYTHING WILL BE 40-75% OFF! Lots of good pieces from Wings + Horns, 18 Waits, Reap & Sew and Trife still available at unbelievable prices. Seriously. Prices that won’t be this low for like……ever. Haha.

And of course we’re going to PARTY! It wouldn’t be like us if we didn’t!

Saturday July 9th inside RITUAL Nightclub, we are proud to present a special intimate and interactive journey through the mind of ERYKAH BADU aka DJ LO DOWN LORETTA BROWN! Its rare to see her in such an environment as this, so you know its going to be special.


Anyone wearing Reap & Sew gear is getting drinks on us!



Easily 1 of the better Djs in the world, rocking inside Ritual for the only place to be after The Roots Bluesfest performance! Going to be incredible!

An Incredible Week!!!

We’re going to continue to have an amazing time with what we do, and hope you’ll come along with us!

Because without you all this wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks for 2 years of memories, friendships, sincerity, and overall classy behaviour.


Reap & Sew

Mens Help Section (Summer Trend Watch)

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We were recently asked by our friends in television land – The A Channel Morning Show – to come in and talk about this summer’s trends for men. Rather then withhold such valuable information all to ourselves, we decided to share it all with you. And of course the 1000’s of people who saw it on live tv, or on the internet as well… So here we go!


For the first time in a while, a lot of summer’s major trends are things we typically see in traditional Fall/Winter looks. The use of layering, interesting fabrics and textures, and a more subdued self image are what sets the tone of the season.

Colour – The most obvious and stark change to this season’s attire is the colour selection. Probably a direct backlash to the last 2 season’s excessive use of bright colours and pastels, this time they’ve really slowed it down and focused on natural, more neutral colour ranges. Lots of beiges, whites, and various shades of grey combined together to create some really interesting results. If you’re really feeling at a loss for adventure, throw on an outfit made up of all black! Black shorts and shirts together, hell even throw on some black loafers with it.

Fit – The days of rocking overly skinny jeans, and form fitted short sleeve t-shirts are slowly starting to fade away. Sorry guys, no more borrowing your girlfriends jeans. I wouldn’t go as far as saying you should wear your clothes baggy either, just a good relaxed fit. Something that accentuates your body type properly. And don’t be afraid to show it off a little more by rolling up the sleeves and pant legs.

Textures of Blue – Staying hot this summer is denim in all its various forms, and this seasons hottest piece – the Chambray shirt. These blue tones go really well with all the neutral colours we spoke about earlier, and can be worn a number of different ways.

Wings + Horns Delivery

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We always love it when new deliveries of WIngs + Horns arrive in the store. They really make our merchandising job easy.

Since the stores inception, no brand has really represented the visions and personal styles of all of us like W+H. Easy pieces to wear, with a subtle outstanding quality, and of course proper manufacturing. This seasons collection stays true to its core, showing common materials and silhouettes that we’ve seen from them before, as well as new more fashion forward pieces. Think terrys, henleys, and sports jackets, as well as soft cotton shorts and matching jacket.

18 Waits Jewelry

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Our friends over at 18 Waits make some fine mens accessories.

Rustic sterling silver that is hand tarnished and finished with incredible precision and uniqueness. WIth the packaging that comes with it, no 2 pieces are the same. A very easy to wear accessory for men – which as we all know is too hard to find these days.

We finally got a re-up of all the necklaces and bandanas. For more of the specifics head over to the 18 Waits website.

18 Waits Jewelry

Photography by Blair Smith

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Recently we had one of our friends – and all around sweetheart – Blair Smith come through the shop and take some pics. Nothing too planned or forced, we just wanted her to take some shots of all the new products we’ve been putting out lately. She snapped some great ones, and we thought we’d share with you. Also you can check her out as the head photographer of Byward Of Mouth.

Byward Of Mouth Homepage

Reap & Sew Ultra Lightweight Hoodies (Limited Edition)

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Just in time for taking off the winter jackets, we decided to make some ultra comfortable, lightweight hoodies. These proper fitting and super soft hoodies will make for a great everyday sweater. Available in 2 colours and extremely limited quantities. Hurry up and get them before they’re gone!